Charity Fund "Olympic Circle"
Charitable foundation “Olympic circle” is an organization created by sportsmen to help Mykolaiv fight russian occupants. We have three-months experience of working during war. Now we united the efforts of volunteers in “Olympic circle” because being sportsmen we understand that only teamwork will be successful. We are people of Mykolaiv, who loves their city. Every morning we wake up with the same thought as you - when will the war end. Then we do the same as any Ukrainian on its place - we fight for the Victory.
We are a team
Our experience
We have three-month experience in hostilities. We now combined volunteer efforts into the Olympic Circle, because as athletes understand, only teamwork will bring success
Our experience
We love Mykolaiv
We are just Mykolaiv citizens who love our city. Every morning we wake up with the same thought as you: when the war will end. And then we do what every Ukrainian does in his place - we fight for victory
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